DuroGym Rubber Tile


DuroGym Rubber Tiles are an easy flooring project. Simply place the pieces beside each other and snap the interlocking edges together. Pieces may be trimmed carefully with a straightedge and a utility knife. While tile are extremely water resistant, you can use a seam sealer to ensure no water gets through. 


DuroGym Rubber Tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (prolonged sun exposure may cause fading over time). However, in outdoor situations try to avoid snow, rain, and especially salt. Also, the floor may expand or contact noticeably due to temperature fluctuation.

Cleaning is easy. Simply vacuum to remove dirt and debris, and then use a damp mop with a mild soap and water. Avoid oil based cleaners. Air dry and you're good to go.

Wary of that rubber smell? Simply allow the tile to air out. A quick mop with a mild detergent can also help. 


For further installation or care instructions, see the literature included with the product or call us at 1-913-340-7997.