Geo LVT Collection

  • Design Inspiration - Incorporating chevron shapes and symmetry Perfection Floor Tile sought to create dynamic designs that evoke balance and harmony. Chevrons, angles, and geometric outlines define the Geo Collection refined yet bold aesthetic.
  • Great for entrance ways, mud rooms and to add a dramatic look to your kitchen.
  • Every Perfection Floor Tile floor is created with superior craftsmanship, ingenuity and sustainable practices.
  • Perfection Floor Tile are easy to install, hidden interlocking, floating floor system.
  • Simply: clean, measure, place, trim and enjoy! No glue or adhesives necessary.
  • Our tiles are made with 100% pure vinyl floor: No cardiogenic, toxins, or harsh chemicals.
  • Great for family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attic, and playrooms. Ideal for offices, warehouses, schools, and government offices.