Gemstone LVT Collection

  • Excluding grace, elegance and style. Perfection Floor Tile’s beautiful vinyl Gemstone Collection are warmer to the touch, kinder to your feet and easy to care for in any room of your home.
  • Imagine the look of natural stone captured in luxury vinyl tile. The captivating designs, delicate veining, and organic blends of colors and clefts radiate luxury and add beauty.
  • Perfection Floor Tiles may be used in light commercial applications.
  • Every Perfection Floor Tile floor is created with superior craftsmanship, ingenuity and sustainable practices.
  • Perfection Floor Tile are easy to install, hidden interlocking, floating floor system.
  • Simply: clean, measure, place, trim and enjoy! No glue or adhesives necessary.
  • Our tiles are made with 100% pure vinyl floor: No cardiogenic, toxins, or harsh chemicals.
  • Great for family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attic, and playrooms. Ideal for offices, warehouses, schools, and government offices.